This property features a 75-year-old home with wooden board covered windows for UV protection inside the house. The driveway is also unpaved for true off-road experience for both you and your car.

UBC District Energy Centre
Architect: Dialog

"This 21,300 sq. ft. facility is designed to be the future energy hub for the University of British Columbia, reducing the campus’ green house gas emissions. The building features a double height boiler room, constructed primarily of exposed cross laminated timber with a fully-glazed façade to allow pedestrians to experience the building’s function. Also included is a two-storey office block serving as the link between the new boiler room and a future expansion. The project targets LEED® Gold." (Fastepp)

Ponderosa Commons Phase 1 (2013)
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

This is a new product of an insulated precast concrete cladding panel. This has been developed for use in the wet & earthquake prone BC environment. The panels vary in size, colour and finishes – they are dark grey and white, as well as having a couple of different form liners to allow for a different texture and appearance. The panels are designed to have sufficient R-value to reduce finishing costs and time in the building.

Vancouver Campus Plan Design Guidelines "Bold warm colours are to be used on interior walls visible to the outdoors for stairwells, entrances, and other animated spaces to accentuate interior activities, reinforce legibility of entries and exits, and to animate adjacent exterior spaces at night."

New UBC Aquatic Centre (2015)
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Architect: Acton Ostry

To suit the increasing demand of UBC Aquatic Centre, the current building will be the site for the new MacInnes Field, and the old MacInnes Field will be replaced by the new UBC Aquatic Centre and Transit Plaza (old Bus Loop). 

Ponderosa Commons University Boulevard Landscape Plan (2015)
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Ponderosa Commons landscape plan will add a cherry tree bosque that will blend in with the current cherry trees along the Lower Mall. There will also be a cascading rill water feature that is similar to the one currently on the East side of University Boulevard but in smaller size. LivingLab will include a chalkboard wall for an outdoor classroom.

Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health (2014)
University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Architect: Stantec

"We designed the components of the centre to reflect principles and create unique functional spaces. The research laboratories are light and airy – Research Air – celebrating the optimism of the health sciences. The patient areas are of the garden – Clinic Ground – calm and supportive of a therapeutic environment characterized by light and nature. Synapse, key to positive brain function, was the inspiration for the SynapseAtrium – a network of space that ensures quality, frequency, and quantity of constructive collaboration between researcher, physician and patient.”

Photographed by Bright Photography